For schools

Writing for Schools

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.
–  William Arthur Ward

A teacher’s job is highly complex and demanding. It requires the use of a vast array of both professional and personal skills, and an understanding of an enormous range of knowledge.

The expectation that primary teachers, who teach many different curriculum subjects, can continually keep up-to-date with current thinking in all these subjects, along with the latest teaching methods and strategies is, I believe, unrealistic. The first and foremost job of the teacher is to teach.

When writing any educational publication, whether it be a book, CD-ROM, App or any other form of teaching resource, my aims are always to provide teachers with a resource that:

  • has a precise and well defined objective
  • can easily be adapted to meet the needs of the specific children in their charge
  • allows them to focus more on the purpose of the lesson and how best to teach it, by reducing the time needed for lesson preparation.

For home

Writing for Home
As the first, longest, and arguably the most influential educators of their child, parents play a vital role in the attitudes and aspirations a child has towards learning and formal education.

Most parents are keen to provide any extra help and support their child may need.

However, many parents are unsure what their child should be learning at a particular age, and how best to go about helping them with this. They are also often concerned about their own lack of knowledge, and understanding as to how a particular concept is taught in school.

As a consequence, parents want reassurance that the work that they are doing with their child at home supports and enhances what their child is learning in school.

I believe therefore, that any educational resource aimed at parents should help build the bridge between school and home. It should clearly explain to parents the knowledge, skills and understandings that are realistically expected of their child, and provide them with a range of meaningful, fun and easy-to-use activities that help meet these expectations.

Previous clients include:

BEAM Education
Cambridge University Press
Dorling Kindersley
Harcourt Education
HarperCollins Publishers
Macmillan Education
National Numeracy Strategy
Nelson Thornes
Philip & Tacey
Teach Primary Magazine